I love and I hate marketing

I am a marketer but I hate advertising. And spam. And random connection requests. And bragging. And “this will change your life” messages. And I hate the fact that to most people marketing is synonymous to advertising. Or spam. Or random connection requests. Or bragging. Or “this will change your life” messages.

So, in fact, I kind of hate my job title. Not because it does not match what I do, but because it does not communicate the right message to most people. But is that a problem?

I strongly believe that every individual on earth is unique and has a unique role to play in society. And I believe this is true for (most) organisations as well. Searching for best matches between unique people and organisations is what marketing is about. Or at least that is what it is about for me. And that is why I love marketing.

Sending the wrong message with my job title would be a problem if I wanted everybody to know exactly what I do. But that is not important. It’s ok that some (maybe even most) people think I do advertising, spam or even brag. The only ones that matter are a few people that do know what I really do and care to give me feedback. Because the rest is spam anyway and it certainly won’t change my life. Don’t let it change yours!

August 11th, 2020|
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